Partner Bottomline Ltd - Capt. Werner Borchert

Capt. Werner Borchert has been in the industry for in excess of 30 years. He is an A340/330 Captain and TRI/TRE. Capt Borchert held positions of CEO, General Manager and COO in various airlines in Europe and the Middle East and has successfully managed large restructuring projects and start ups. Capt Borchert specializes in Airline Strategy, Fleet management, Flight Operations and Maintenance.

Partner Bottomline Ltd - Claus Fischer

Claus Fischer has been in the airline industry since 1990 covering the commercial field of Network planning, Yield Management, Distribution , Revenue Accounting , Sales and Marketing. He is very well connected in the interline world with legacy carriers. He was part of the restructuring teams of 3 German carries and worked for two Middle East carriers to start up or restructure. He held the position as Chief Commercial Officer in the past 5 years.

Partner Bottomline Ltd - Tom De Geytere

Tom De Geytere has been in the aviation industry for 12 years and held positions of Internal Auditor, Strategic Advisor and CFO in airlines in Europe and the Middle East, in cargo as well as passenger airlines. He specializes in Route Profitability, Business Development, Finance and Administration.