An initial review gives the shareholders and owners an unbiased opinion of the health of the airline, and on the feasibility of the restructuring. At this stage, we forecast the revenue, profit and return on capital potential of the airline as well as a restructuring timeline. The Review is charged as a flat fee.


Restructuring has a sunk cost, as well as cash needs going forward. At this stage we deliver a full business plan and approach our investor contacts to test appetite for participation (if required). We do not accept the business plan assignment unless we are convinced of the airline’s future viability. If unconvinced, we can recommend exit strategies. The Business Plan is charged as a flat fee.


We use a hands-on style to implement the business plan as approved by the Board. We do not accept the restructuring assignment without the financial commitment from shareholders to operate a safe, secure and quality airline. The Restructuring Phase is charged at a man-day rate.